On #BoycottIndiana, RFRA & Hoosier hospitality

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This post concerns Indiana’s SEA 101 aka “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” law. If you aren’t caught up, I encourage you to read What Makes Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law Different?, which clearly shows why it’s a legal issue but also a social one.  

When news broke last week that Indiana’s RFRA was definitely heading to Gov. Mike Pence’s desk and that he was eager to sign it, I felt a bit better when businesses and big names said they would back out of Indiana in the future. It felt good that people cared and were willing to sacrifice venues for conferences or business expansions, etc.

Of course, none of this mattered to Pence. He didn’t listen to many of his constituents or outside factors and decided to sign it. So, came the question: Will people stick to what they said?

I was furious about the new law — as a queer Hoosier…

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Jesus began to weep. -John 11:35

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This week has been one of rejoicing, one of celebration, one of great conversations about how God is moving and calling. Today though that celebration and happiness came to a screeching hault, here is what happened today.

There was a man who came in who is fairly new to NOAH. We have seen him twice recently for casework but I have only talked to him once or twice. Today he came in explaining that he needed to get to Flint, which is just over an hour away, to go visit his girlfriend. This man then told me more of his story. He told me how his girlfriend has been very sick, as she is waiting on a liver transplant. She has had some heart issues recently and that she has been in and out of the hospital. This man shared that they have been together for 6 years and he…

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